May 8th Posted In Future Education

Vision 50 Drives Curriculum Innovation

As part of the wider scope of Vision50, our students are also set to benefit further from new cutting-edge technology, serving to broaden opportunities for research.

Equestrian Studies
A £250,000 high-speed equine treadmill will enable horses to be exercised in their full range of gaits, supported by the college’s proposed purchase of new exercise analysis equipment including a range of advanced heart rate monitors and a spirometer – making exercise physiology and biomechanics investigation more worthwhile. This will complement our existing gait analysis equipment, Quintic Biomechanics and ETB Pegasus, allowing more effective and reliable data to be collected.

Science Laboratories
Our laboratories will be equipped with a wide variety of new university level-specific science resources, including new exercise analysis equipment, microscopes, laboratory wear and a nutrient analyser, which will be of huge benefit to the rigour and control of feeding trials across a variety of departments. A range of heart rate monitors which permit more complex analysis of cardiac function will allow effective behavioural analysis in addition to measuring standard exercise physiology. Good quality light and fluorescence microscopes will allow for deeper learning in areas such as animal, fish, insect and plant physiology, as well as making processes such as bacterial and semen analysis more efficient.

Commercial Horticulture
Students studying our unique BSc (Hons) Commercial Horticulture programme are set to benefit from a £1.5m state-of-the-art glasshouse at our Court Lane campus. The new 1,500m2 Venlo structure will be split into several compartments – a tomato centre, a pepper centre and some research blocks used for dissertations and other student projects, such as LED light trials and propagation facilities.

Graduates are crucial to drive innovation in this progressively high-tech sector and the advent of precision technology such as remote sensing, robotics and GPS mapping, agriculture and production horticulture offer increasingly modern, exciting and challenging careers for our students.  These developments will equip them to maximise these opportunities.